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Win The Mega Fortune Jackpot

The one and only slot machine game that has ever entered the history of big jackpots is called Mega Fortune and it is a progressive jackpot game released by Net Entertainment. The rules of the game are not complicated at all, but it attracts so many players because of the unique style of this online slot machine. You can also get starting bonuses to boost your chances to win from the very beginning!

Mega Fortune is a five reel slot machine that uses 25 pay lines. As the theme takes you automatically in the world of the rich and the famous, the game is actually the only online slot machine that has ever turned someone into a multimillionaire overnight. The lucky winner who even entered the Guinness Book has won almost Ä18 million due to his commitment to the game. This is a proof that anyone can have equal chances to win the Mega Fortune jackpot, as long as they understand the rules of the game and they keep playing it.

But how can you play this incredible online slot game? First of all, you can start by practicing it for free in the online casinos that give you this opportunity. There is no doubt that the only way to improve is by training and Mega Fortune is no exception to that. There are several symbols that you will see during the game, but they key points are the bonus symbols.

While the yachts, diamonds, champagne and limousines help you gather points, these bonus symbols that look like a wheel allow you to enter the bonus game. You will need three bonus symbols to enter the bonus game. Only from here you will be able to win the Mega Fortune Jackpot! The bonus round is a spin the wheel of fortune game and you have three rounds until you reach the Jackpot.

On the first wheel, you can wither win a coin or move to the next wheel. Once you get to the second wheel, you can also win a coin or move to the third. It is only here where you will get the chance to win the big Jackpot! Donít worry though! If other people could do it, you can do it too! It is a fun and catchy game that can bring you real cash benefits if you play it well.

Of course, real prizes can be won only when you play in the cash version. Once you are familiar with the game, you can make a deposit and start playing for real cash! If you join Come On, one of the biggest online casinos, you will also receive a starting bonus that you can use before making any deposit and play for the big jackpot for the first time.

You can find out more about theMega Fortune jackpotand the rules developed by Net Entertainment at, a website dedicated to this incredible game. Remember that once you tryMega Fortuneonce, you will understand why so many people love it!