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Play Starburst Slot

Eager to play a video game that would excite your senses, as well as your wallet? Choose Starburst Slot, a 5-reel, 3-row slot machine game that can be played directly in your browser, without having to download any software or list of instructions.

This game is so easy to play that even your grandma could play it. First of all, it is developed by Net Entertainment and features two main playing options: Starburst Wild and Win Both Ways. Users can play 1 to 10 bet lines, after choosing a certain coin value and bet level.

The bet that is placed by a user represents the bet level multiplied by the coin value and number of bet lines chosen by the user. As an example, if the user chooses a number of 8 bet lines, a bet level of 2 and a coin value of 0.50, the bet is 8.

The bet can be seen in the lower part of the screen, below the green "Spin" button. Besides the total amount of money that represents the bet, in the lower part of the screen, users can also see their cash and wins. All these amounts are in euros.

Since we have mentioned the "Spin" button of this Starburst Slot machine game, we need to say that this button plays the game at the coin value, bet level and number of bet lines selected by the user, therefore users have to be very careful when hitting this button.

If users activate the Starburst Wild feature, Starburst Wild symbols expand to cover the entire reel. This feature is activated if these symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When this feature is active, the Wild symbols remain unchanged while the other reels that do not contain Wild symbols re-spin.

When a re-spin occurs, the user has two possibilities: to benefit one more time from a Starburst Wild symbol appearing on a reel that was spinned again, or to end the Starburst Wild feature, because no new Wild symbol appears on the screen.

If the user is lucky and gets another Wild symbol, this expands to cover the entire reel, just like the Wild symbols that previously appeared on the screen, and remain unchanged while the other reel or reels that do not contain Wild symbols re-spin.

Regarding the Starburst Slot bonus now, users can claim it at the beginning. Other amounts are possible, too, if they have a winning combination. According to the rules of this game, payouts and winning combinations are made according to the paytable. Users can read more about the paytable by clicking the Paytable button.

To see the mini paytable for a certain symbol and the potential return they could win, users can click on a symbol on the reels and see their possibilities of winning, if they place their bets on a certain combination of symbols. The table shows how many coins the bettor wins if he places a certain bet. Information on the Starburst Slot bonus are provided during the registration process.

Looking for hours of fun and also for the possibility of making some money, at the same time? TryStarburst Slot, a video slot machine game that allows users to experience an intergalactic adventure and claim a substantialStarburst slot bonustoday.