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Paving Services

With Bill and Ben Driveways you can have perfect driveways in Southend and block paving in Southend in your front or back yard, garden or for any other place around your house, creating paths, patios, steps, and driveways; thus improving the appearance of your entire house or garden. You can call us anytime for a free estimation of the costs involved, concerning the spaces that you might think that would look better if paved. We can also help you with ideas of design, colour combinations, as well as the best variants to be chosen for one area or another, depending on the surface that you want to be paved. If you have already got paved areas, but you are not pleased with them, because their colour is no longer that vivid or maybe the rain, dirt, mud or dust started deteriorating the surface, then we can help you with this, and revive the colours or recondition them, but with no cleaning jets. We work only with trusted and serious providers of materials, so that our final works are always at the highest quality possible, fulfilling the most demanding standards. With over 20 years of experience we know every little detail that has to be carried out in one way, and not in any other way. Anyone can notice the difference between a well done thing, made by a professional, and the things which are done by occasional pavers which are only amateurs, but lack the professionalism and experience, and these are the keys that recommend us, together with the good works that we have done along the years and years of experience. Through our family run business of over 20 years we created a lot of qualitative works, and provided paving services for the entire area of Southend, Rochford, Hockley, Raileigh, and Benfleet. Most of our works came to us as a result of a good recommandation made by some of our previous clients, and because of the fact that they were pleased with these works. For driveways in Southend we can offer you the highest standards in block paving for all areas. The advantages offered by this type of paving are that this is quite a flexible surface, and the blocks can be easily replaced, if you want a change of scenery, you can change the pieces immediately. With the variety of colours and shapes currently available on the market we can make for our customers a range of patterns to create personalized models and images for each client, depening on its demands as well as expectations. With block pavements you can transform a banal front yard or a garden into an interesting place, full of colour or shape motion of pattern changing, or we can turn the chaos into a cosy or classy appearance. To ask us questions, you can use the data on our website, and either call us on the phone numbers displayed there or you can send us a message by post, or by email. At the same time, for enquiries, you can complete the fields from Contact Us page and send a message and we will answer to you as soon as possible. For Driveways in Southend visit this website here Driveways Southend and also here for Block Paving in Southend Block Paving Southend