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Metal Fabrication Using Stanzen And Crimpen Are Most Cost Effective

We have become so tech savvy these days that all that we can think of is the internet and the technologies associated with computers. What we forget sometimes is that computers wouldn’t be in place if we don’t have those age old engineering technologies and processes in place. Stanzen and crimpen are still extensively used to create parts of machinery that ultimately give rise to the modern machines that we are so used to using. And when the engineering is German it is but obvious that the work is going to be perfect.

Stanzen or die-cutting is an engineering process where stocks are cut without forming chips or using melting or burning. Usually metal plates or sheet metal is used for cutting using this process although rods can also be cut. Apart from use in metal works die-cutting is also used in the plastic and paper industries.

For the purpose of stanzen a moving blade, called a punch, pushes a work piece against a fixed blade or die. As a result of this the material goes through highly localized shear stress between the die and the punch. The intense pressure causes tear in the material that starts from its weakest point and moves to the next weakest point. As a result of this the material now has two different parts. With proper configuration the usable part is smoothened to form the shape that is needed.

Crimpen or punching is a process of forming metals where a punch is used along with a punch press is forced through a material to shear it and create a hole. As mentioned before, a punch works together with a die. After the material has been shaped through the process the remaining scrap is collected in the die. This scrap may be discarded or reused depending on the process. This process is by far the cheapest process to create holes in a sheet of metal.

Usually a small space is left between the punch and the die so that the hole in the material using crimpen can be made without using too much of force. Depending on the material and the process the space between the punch and the die is decided. At times the punch may stick to the material and it has to be pulled back physically. This process can be used to make holes of any shape in a metal that can then be used in various manufacturing processes.

If stanzen and crimpen are what you are interested in then you ought to look at manufacturers of these tools. As mentioned before you will do well to look at some of the German firms that are engaged in making these tools. These tools may be made of carbide or tool steel and it is up to you to decide what you want.

Lots of information on both stanzen and crimpen are available online and if you are interested in these tools you may want to know more about them. Finding a manufacturer is easy then.

Stanzen and crimpen are two essential elements in the metal punching and shearing process. Find out more about them online.