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How Psychotherapy Can Help Deal With The High Rate Of Eating Disorders

In a society that has equated beauty to body weight, it is not surprising that there is an alarming increase in the number of people facing eating disorders. In most cases, abnormal eating habits occur due to lack of confidence and dissatisfaction with one’s outside appearance. However, research has shown that eating disorders are among one of those psychological problems that can never disappear without treatment, which brings us to the need to seek psychotherapy.

Going for eating disorder therapy in NYC can help prevent serious consequences. Physical problems may arise like anemia, tooth decay, cessation of menstruation, palpitations as well as high risks of getting high blood pressure and diabetes in cases of prolonged untreated eating disorders. It is further believed that most of these eating disorders are associated with mental disorders like depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

NYC psychotherapist plays a huge role in providing good health care to a patient suffering from any form of eating disorder. The very first role of the NYC psychotherapist is to identify the issues in the life of the patient that need attention. Once the NYC psychotherapist has done this, he will help the patient to replace some of these negative thoughts that become destructive with positive thoughts and behaviors.

Psychotherapy focuses on improving personal relationships as well. Some patients will discover after the NYC psychotherapy that there are certain events that led to their disorder. This New York City psychotherapy helps you discover such events that triggered the disorder and how to move past them. For instance, some people face eating disorders due to constant teasing of their body weight at an early age. It is not uncommon to find such a person still conscious about their weight and ending up with an eating disorder.

As much as medication is important especially in bulimic patients, medication alone is never enough. Medication must be combined with New York City psychotherapy and never be used as a replacement. In other words, patients suffering from any form of eating disorders should never seek NYC psychotherapy and avoid taking their medication. If advised to take medication, it is important to heed to the physicians advice.

When going for NYC psychotherapy due to an eating disorder or any other form of mental illness, you must be aware that the treatment may not work instantly. There are those people who need long term New York City psychotherapy whereas others become better after short sessions. The duration in which one will need NYC psychotherapy will be dependent on an individual, his/her willingness to heal and the extent of damage.

In some cases psychotherapy may incorporate marriage counseling in NYC in case the psychotherapist identifies some interpersonal issues to do with your marriage that cause the eating disorder. The NYC psychotherapist can also hold sessions with close family members so as to help them understand the patient better. Support groups can also be used as a form of psychotherapy and yield good results.

In summary, New York City psychotherapy is there to help people facing all manner of mental problems, common or not, that affect their quality of life. The sooner you go for therapy, the less difficult it becomes to treat your condition.

James Kelly is the author of this article on NYC Psychotherapy. Find more information on Marriage Counseling in NYC here