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Fashionable And Functional Reception Counter In Uk Office Furniture

An old saying which states that first impressions last makes a lot of sense.  People can pass a judgment – albeit unfair and inaccurate - based on how they viewed the reception counter together with the other office furniture.  This makes it equally as important to have an aesthetically pleasing, as well as a well-equipped and functional office environment.

Setting up an office can be quite a complex endeavor as there are a lot of things to consider.  There is the rental cost (if you will be renting), the location, and very importantly, how the office will look in its finished state.  The office furniture should look exceptional and leave a good impression on visitors, as well as the people working in the office.

Everybody would want the office where they spend a great number of hours to be at least pleasant and conducive to work, as well as something that they can be proud of.  A chic look for offices can be attained without burning a hole in your pocket.  How does one achieve this?  It is simple; focus on specific areas of the office which can be the office’s focal point such as reception counters, then work on a design and consider the furnishings. The design will have to conform to your company’s theme or line of business.  If you are putting up a beauty salon, then a simple reception counter will be suitable.

A visitor’s impression of the company is established as early as in the reception area.  A good impression can lead to a profitable business relationship, while bad impressions can deter potential clients or even influence them to write you off.

Today, furniture specialists and designers have developed an array of office furniture in great new designs, using a variety of materials.  They can provide suitable reception counters for a great many business environments, from factory reception counters to chic high-end counters generally associated with large corporations.  All designs promote modern style and a feeling of a warm office setting.

Reception counters are vital pieces of furniture and should be carefully considered and carefully positioned.  Being the first thing that a client will encounter on entering the premise, the reception area will form an impression almost immediately in the visitor’s mind. Office furniture can be selected based on many considerations such as personal style, a company theme, line of business and the objective of having a reception counter.

The style and the look of the reception counter should be well thought through.  If you have a limited budget or space, a professional interior decorator can be invaluable to help in maximizing the available resources.  He/she can also actually look at furniture and assess the propriety of the design and the material of the office furniture before final purchase is made.  Pictures presented on the supplier’s website will not be a good basis for purchase.  The pieces could actually be viewed and tried in the showroom for better judgment.

If you are setting up a new office or have plans to renovate or refurnish, ensure that you give due consideration to many aspects, that combined will create the perfect office environment.  Make a preliminary survey of our products by visiting our website at

We have a wide variety of office furniture to choose from and we are confident that you will find a reception counter that will make quite an impact on your visitors, leaving a positive and professional first impression.