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Enter A New World Of Art With Orange Paintings

Paintings add vigor and imparts a fresh new look to an otherwise dull and drab setting. The moment you see a good artwork, your heart lights up. And nothing can be more pleasing than adding bright and dazzling colors to a certain canvas. From birds and animals to picturesque landscapes, orange color has never gone out of fashion. In fact, many artists say that intimate paintings of everyday subject matter like simple oranges to an orange bearded man or a beach setting characterizes beautifully made orange paintings. Light affects different subjects and in the present art scene, alongside oranges and reds, existence of contemporary white paintings are common too.

Food and beverages have a profound impact in our lives. Think about the myriad colors of fruits and vegetables or even beverages and it exerts a certain effect on the mind. From apples to bananas, kiwis to peaches, lemons to berries, mangoes to oranges, there are characteristic colors of each that appeals to us. When talking about oranges, painters have for long been using this shade in their creations. In fact, sights of oranges in a basket, shades of this color in landscapes, architectural still life creations, dance and musical presentations and various other themes even in abstract art hold to a person’s attention for a fairly long period.

Orange paintings can be in oil paint, acrylic colors or used in mixed media as well. It all depends on the artist and the meaning he or she wants to convey via the composition that clicks with art loyalists. Just because the color orange appeals to you, does not necessitate you will like the picture of oranges on the branch of a tree but might feel heavenly when looking at some absurd configuration in the same color.

In the same way, the sight of a plate of juicy and mouth-watering oranges, which is freshly cut, can make you feel like rushing to a fruit seller. It might come to you as a surprise but those were the very oranges painted on a different canvas. When on a tree, it was just a plain sight but nearness and vivid details projected much. Now try imagining it in white. The effect is in complete contrast to the colorful one. However, white paintings where the dominant colour is the one mentioned, can make for a pristine and fresh artwork.

Many landscapes colored in warm shades as reds and oranges like abstract sunsets or famous landmarks make a spectacular show. Irrespective of whether the artist is using a painting or drawing canvas, photograph, digital art or mixed media, the subject matter in orange paintings must be striking and favor simplicity over complexity in composition. Sometimes, the most interesting thing about many of these orange images is the way lines and shapes are organized. This often provides a sort of lyrical rhythm to the picture and that stands out in comparison to several others.

It is not easy becoming an artist and infusing only one colour by creating an appropriate base is not everyone’s forte. There requires a lot of skilled perfection and motivation in the person to maintain that required focus. Once that is accomplished, an unexpected creation is likely to emerge.

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