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D.c. Douglas Provides Quality Online Services For Voice Over Needs

D.C. Douglas, a renowned American voice actor based out of Southern California, offers quality voice over work over the Internet from his state-of-the-art home studio.  His custom online services provide a quick and easy solution to virtually any voice acting need, which can be delivered wirelessly to any location.

Voice actor D.C. Douglas offers quality voice over work that can be delivered electronically pending customer approval.  His process is simple, and everything can be done completely online from any location.  Douglas requires that his clients first write a script, and email the finished result along with budget requirements, and any voice direction that is necessary.  He will then record the voice over, where it will be posted online with a link to an approval/invoice page.  The client will then have the option to approve the final product by opting to pay the invoice on this page, ensuring complete satisfaction prior to purchase.  There is always the option for retakes, which are offered free of charge.  After the final product is approved and purchased, the client will automatically be sent a download page, where the ready-to-use voice over file will be available for download directly to his or her computer to use accordingly.

Since it is sometimes difficult to gauge if a voice actor is right for a project just from previous work available online, Douglas will audition for specific projects as needed.  This process works by the creation of locked custom files that he makes accessible only through his website, where clients can listen to his voice over audition and make a decision if they would like to work with him for the final product.  He is willing to audition for any potential customer, and will work with the client’s expectations to ensure that all needs are appropriately addressed, and that the finished project is top quality. 

In addition to ease, D.C. Douglas boasts speed in his work.  As an experienced voice actor, he understands emergency situations, and appreciates how important it can be to receive a completed voice over in a timely manner.  If an emergency situation arises in which his completed services are needed within a few hours, there is a special number prospective clients are able to call to express the urgency of their situation.  Douglas will work with these special cases in attempts to deliver these results as quickly as possible.  In addition to his emergency services, most of his normal voice over jobs is turned around within 24 hours of booking confirmations, providing peace of mind and allowing time for any necessary retakes to be made.

The D.C. Douglas website also features sample work from his portfolio, including both voice over work and on-screen acting.  He has been featured in many critically acclaimed films, theatrical works, and television appearances.  In addition to his online services, D.C. Douglas is available for in-person consults and voice actor positions in Southern California studios, ISDN, and phone patch sessions. 

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