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Buy Only The Best Mooring Chains

If we just got our own boat and are not that familiar with reliable suppliers of mooring equipment such as anchors and anchor chains then we should be careful before purchasing anything. There are many things we have to take into consideration as sailing is a science as well as an art.

If we want to enjoy sailing than we have to know how to pick the equipment we need on board. Anchor chains, for example, are essential when it comes to the easiness with which we can sail, but also when it comes to safety. Many articles dedicated to this topic are available in special magazines, but also on the internet. Weíll find the information we need and the right people to ask with the companies that sell mooring equipment as well. If we are looking for mooring chains, hawsers, anchors, buoys, winches, and so on, we should be sure to ask all the questions we may have. We probably donít want to have to deal with emergency situations unprepared, especially if we are amateurs.

In regards to mooring chains, for instance, strength is a very important factor and one that depends on many other things. The resistance of anchor chains is related to the materials that have been used and to the way the chain was manufactured. Low carbon steel of which Grade 30 chains are made, for example, is less resistant than the material used for Grade 40 chains, which is richer in manganese and carbon. The same type of steel with increased manganese and carbon contents is used for Grade 70 chain, but it is also heated, thus obtaining an even stronger product. However, if we consider re-galvanizing chain, we need to take it to professionals because it can be risky, as there is chance for it to get weaker, unlike in the case of Grade 40 chains.

The main advantage of higher grades mooring chains is that they can be thinner and, thus, weigh less, without being weaker. And weight needs to be taken into account as seriously as strength when we consider purchasing anchor chains. Of course, we will probably also have winches, but in some situations we might not have the time or simply prefer not to use them. Moreover, a considerably large chain is likely to interfere with our sailing performance. This is why we must be sure that we know how heavy we want the chain to be before talking to our mooring equipment supplier about the items we want to purchase.

Some other factors we should take into account when deciding what type of anchor chains we want to buy are the resistance to corrosion, which can be a very serious problem especially if we are usually sailing in harsh salty water, its pattern, which otherwise can be determinant for the chainís strength, and its compatibility with the anchor, of course. High-quality mooring chains will probably not be the cheapest, but we will at least know they will last for a while, being a long term investment. Also, if we plan really enjoyable sailing trips, you might be looking for other devices as well, like chain stoppers, second anchors, buoys and so on. We can find all these on the internet as professional companies always have an official website.

Check out the various types of anchor chains and see which is the best one for you. Make sure you enjoy the benefits of reliable mooring chains.