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A Brief Discussion On Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems And Door Access Control Systems

For every business organization, it is important to keep track of the employees’ attendance. Different types of time recorders are available in the market, fingerprint time attendance systems being one of the most common attendance recording machines.  These machines are placed at various entries and exits to an office building to keep track of when the employees are entering and leaving the office premises. These time attendance systems are usually attached to the electronic doors. Apart from fingerprint time attendance machines, most of the offices now install door access control systems. To prevent unauthorized entry in the office buildings, a door access control system is installed.

There are a large number of benefits that can be enjoyed if fingerprint time attendance systems are installed. A high-quality door access control system does not allow unauthorized entry into the office. Some of the prime benefits of the fingerprint attendance machines have been enumerated below:

• These attendance systems eliminate the need of IC card attendance and extirpate clocking in and out for the colleagues. They show fairness in storing the genuine attendance records of the employees.

• A fingerprint time attendance system is a onetime investment. Once you buy it, it will provide you with a year of service. The traditional time attendance systems require changing of the card paper and IC card which pull up the cost of maintaining the system. The fingerprint time attendance systems do not require any type of expendables.

• Installation of a fingerprint time attendance system turns the whole process of recording employee attendance convenient.

• A fingerprint attendance system can be installed easily in a short period of time.

• The attendance system can help you make an accurate attendance report of the employees including in and out time, number of leaves taken by the employees and the overtime working hours of the workers.

• The fingerprint attendance systems are long lasting.

Like a fingerprint attendance system, a door access control system comes with a plethora of benefits. With such a door access control machine installed in your office, you will not have to change the locks or remake the keys if they are missing. You can easily get access through an electronically controlled door if an electronic access control system card is issued. Even if the card is lost, it can be de-activated easily so that nobody can enter through the door again.  With a door access control system installed, the issue of the door being forgetfully left unlocked is eliminated. The doors with this system automatically get locked once they are closed.

With so many fingerprint attendance machines in the market, it is not so easy to choose the right model. You need to do a thorough market research before selecting a fingerprint attendance device of your company. There are several models that are not user-friendly. It is advisable to stay away from the devices that are not easy to use. It is important to avail a machine that is easy to install, configure and maintain without any training.

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