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Tips Choosing Face Foundation

Tips on choosing this Foundation was written because based on personal experience selecting the Foundation tricky. Easier if we know the tips, difficult if we do not know the tips. Foundation is a foundation before you apply make-up on the face that serves to disguise imperfections on the face, such as cuts, striped, acne, and other skin problems disguise. Here are reviews of tips that can help you to choose the right foundation to obtain optimal results.

There are at least 6 types of foundation. You can choose one of them according to skin type and color of skin you have.

1. Liquid foundation
This type of moisturizer is the most friendly to the skin, this is because the foundation with liquid or liquid form tends to suit all skin types and provides natural-look effect. There are two types of liquid foundation that is oil-based and water.

Liquid foundation with oil-based material, tends to be oily and thick. Similarly, water-based, oil can also absorb the rapidly dry skin, so skin looks moist and healthy.
Foundation with water containing emollient ingredients that make your skin look smooth radiant.

You who have oily skin should use a water-based liquid foundation, while dry skin is oil-based.

2. Powder foundation
Powder foundation or a powder foundation has two variants namely loose and compact powder. Foundation is suitable for oily skin type

3. Stick foundation
Foundation-shaped stick provides a quick dry effect. Although the use is quite difficult because the foundation is not the kind of cream or liquid. Foundation stick form suitable for oily skin types and easy breakouts.

4. Waterproof foundation
If you live or work in environments with high humidity, the water-resistant or waterproof foundation foundation suitable for you because it will keep your make-up last longer.

5. Foundation creamy
Foundation has a creamy texture and fuller and heavier moisturizer in it have agents that are useful for moisturizing foundation that has a material kulit.Carilah sodium hyaluronate, and petrolatum because of the additional ingredients make creamy creamy texture, so it looks thick and oily if used on the face. Foundation creams suitable for you who have wrinkles on the face and skin is very dry, because the content can feed the oil on the skin type.
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6. Mineral foundation
Menral foundation is kind of a new foundation, a kind of preservative-free foundation. Usually powder or powder form, as well as the use of subtle effects on the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and you are prone to allergies due to the preservative-free foundation