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How To Shop For The Best Diamonds

Looking for the right diamonds, gemstones or any other kind of jewelry can be a daunting task. There are those details that one must be aware of in order to avoid making a wrong purchase. This is where Diamond Guide Australia becomes very essential. It helps buyers, new or old, to have the basic knowledge of diamonds at their fingertips as they consider making a purchase. The diamond buyers guide can be found online. It is a resourceful document that gives a simple explanation to the criteria that diamond jewelers utilize in determining the worth of certain pieces of diamond.

This is why you should look for a diamond guide online that has the best customer support. Good customer support ensures that all your queries are answered on time. The first thing to consider when buying diamonds is the style. With a budget at hand, there is certainly a style of diamond that you prefer. Use the diamond guide to find different styles of diamond currently in the market. Apart from the style, characteristics such as size and length also matter. However, a good diamond guide will cover aspects that determine the quality of this precious stone. These aspects are generally regarded as the 4 Cís of diamonds. They represent the color, clarity, carat and cut.

The color of diamonds may vary significantly. However, it is believed that the ideal diamond is colorless. A comprehensive diamond guide can get into the intricate details of the different colors of diamond and how much the diamond color is likely to affect its value. In general, the ones with less color are more valuable. However, finding absolutely colorless diamonds is very rare.

When we talk about the clarity of diamonds or gemstones, it basically refers to how many imperfections the precious stones have. Needless to say, the more imperfections like cracks and flecks present, the lesser its value. However, it might appear difficult to pin point these imperfections and conclude on the diamond clarity when using a naked eye. For instance, in order to identify carbon spots in diamonds the stones have to be viewed under a microscope. Carbon spots have a dark appearance and look like small crystals.

The cut basically refers to the kind of style that was used in shaping the diamonds or gemstones before they are polished. Do not confuse this with the shape as the two features are very different. According to any diamond guide, the kind of cut determines its shine and brilliance. Diamonds with poor cuts are less luminous.† This means that the ones with the ideal cut should reflect almost all of the light that goes through them.

The last feature that should be considered in this diamond guide is the carat. Every piece of jewelry has a certain percentage of the precious stone in it. Jewelry with a high carat value is simply highly concentrated with diamond and is therefore more valuable. It is basically hard to tell the amount of carats on jewelry simply by looking at it. This is something that can only be done professionally. As much as the amount of carats determines its brilliance, there are other factors to consider when choosing diamonds or gemstones. Go through the 4 Cs of diamonds once again just to ascertain that you comprehend everything.