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How The Girls To Maintain Of The Skin If Often Stay Up Late

Due to the nature of the work, a lot of girls may have experienced the fate of long-term stay up late. Long-term staying up all are prone to have a variety of skin problems, so you need to cover his haggard face with layer after layer of cosmetics every day, leading to pigment repeated precipitation, and causing more skin problem, in order to get out of this vicious circle, today teaches you evening skin care methods, to get rid of spots, the black eye, and edema.
Skin problems: dull complexion, and growing small spots, girls who sleep very late, because the skin can't be metabolism, much aging cutin accumulates on the face, and the computer radiation, strong light, leading to the accumulation of pigment, shortly after, you will find in the cheekbones, now gathering spots.
Strategy 1: prevent spots and dull skin color, after cleaning the face in the morning, you should pay attention to exfoliate, making the newborn skin exposed. After that needs to use the massage cream to help skin detoxify to absorb nutrients, wake up skin vitality, so that the skin will be reborn.
Strategy 2: prevent sunburn in the evening, due to overtime, be sedentary in front of the computer desk, will absorb large amounts of radiation, or subjected to strong lights. To avoid pigmentation, you need to strengthen the isolation sunscreen to protect their skin.
Skin problems: black eye, people who often stay up late can avoid the trouble of black eyes. You cannot be normal rest is the chief culprit of forming dark circles, lack of sleep can lead to poor blood circulation, eye vein blood is deposition and shows gray.
Strategy 1: eye mask is rich texture. Nutritious mask needs to be used before using eye cream; you need to use the mask of the gel and the essential after using eye cream; before staying up, eye cream should be added to the amount.
Strategy 2: Eye Massager, the massage is the best way to promote blood circulation, so it is essential to have a regular massage operation. Massage manipulation: First rub heat four fingers, then press the entire eyelid from the inner corner of the eye, again use the middle finger to press temples. Every pressing force should be heavy, and then light.
Skin problems: Edema. People who stay up are reuptake salts or excessive drinking water at night, due to poor blood circulation and slow metabolism, so it is easy to be accumulation of water and waste in the face. Edema will become your nightmare.
Strategy 1: When sleeping, must block up the pillow in order to avoid the accumulation of too much water in the face and eyes. If getting up early, have the edema problem, then after getting up, immediately drink black coffee, and then put the face soaked in a basin filled with ice.
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