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6 Tips: Improve Your Physical Image

Feel good in your skin has nothing to do with the fact that you have a size 2 or 12. It is having a positive body image. Think of yourself as sexy, not schlubby with these six tips.
1. Think about what your body can do, not what it looks like.
You can walk and run and bike and raise small people and grow in you! How amazing! Instead of criticizing your body looks all the time, show him some love, appreciate what it does for you every day. Set a goal to do something (for example, running a marathon), and not something (eg a certain size or weight of the pants), and you're more likely to achieve these goals and feel good your skin.

2. Throw away your ideas of "normal."
Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger (a BMI of 32 and 33, respectively), both considered "fat" in line with the healthy range 18.5-24.9. But not a close and fat. Remember, all built differently, with different heights, bone density and muscle volume (which weighs more than fat) on their body. Just because your friend is a rate of 4 to 6 does not mean that this is the right place for you to be.

3. Do not look at the size of clothing while shopping.
According to the New York Times, clothing sizes vary so much from one store to another, the other dealer than 12 8. So why do I look? It is simply you feel bad about yourself when the size you thinks you should be suitable. Try not to look at the size, and when you get home, cut the label "pants size 8" Just Be "pants that fit me very well.

4. Dress comfortably.
Difficult and very revealing clothing that you know your body gratingly all day, get rid of your car (that sexier than anything you might wear). If you must go to a size that you feel good in your clothes, do it, and do not try to cram into the size you think you should wear.

5. Moving mirrors of plain sight.
Recently, a beauty blogger decided to swear on the mirrors throughout the year. Ambitious goal, all focused on his desire to live "inside, not the outside in." If you want to avoid the mirror at all, to say something about the strength and take every opportunity to watch an especially if encourages negative internal monologue: I look fat? What size is acne? I hate my nose. Try to limit the number of mirrors in your home just the basics, can be full length and makeup mirrors.

6. Keep positive people around you.
You should not rely on others to provide you with self-esteem, but let me tell you that when my boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful, it goes a long way to see me myself. When the ex-boyfriend told me I was fat and had a rawhide, I saw that too. (You can see why one of them is the first, and the other is my future husband.) Keep people around you that you build, not tear you and your self esteem will be much better.






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