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Time To Invest In A Vehicle Wrap?

Once you have decided its time to invest in a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics for the vans and cars belonging to your company, you will need to think about what attracts potential customers best? What elements are the eyes drawn to? 
Maybe it is the slogan or wording: We Deliver! In Business for 50 Years! No Money Down! Is it the telephone number: Billericay 987 or Stratford 2424, or Possibly the website: or Pasties& or, maybe you need all 3.

Age makes a difference

The vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic design you choose, of course should be unique to you, but to answer the question above, you should really have all of the 3 elements. The size of the telephone number placement, website or slogan may depend on your audience.

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y will all focus on different elements on your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics and the reason for this is: Those born before 1945 or the Traditionalist generation would prefer a phone number that they could call. Remembering when a phone number was simply a case of calling Chelmsford 123 or Liverpool 789. These people still use the annual phone book to find, telephone numbers as well as post codes, local county government offices and even maps of UK cities. For this generational eye, the phone number on a vehicle graphic or fleet graphic is very important.

Baby Boomers were born between the years 1946 and 1964 and whilst some are competent on the internet, many are not. This group will mostly use the internet for social media such as Facebook share or to email or skype friends family. This group of people are drawn towards a vehicle graphic or fleet graphic with slogans and are especially interested words that announce loyalty or a great deal.

Now we come to generation Y and X. Born between 1965 & 2000 they live breathe technology. They will have never used a phone book, and if needing a shop comparison, they will turn to the Web. This generational eye will focus on the website on your fleet graphic.

What do you sell?

So now you know that you do need the 3 elements in relation to vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics, you need to step back for a moment and think about your target market. If you are a senior care center, you will want that telephone number bold, bright and big. 
However if your service is for example carpet cleaning, you would want to grab the Baby Boomers with a slogan like “family owned and operated since 1970” or “Free estimates”. Baby boomers are looking for honesty and trust as well as good value for money. Baby Boomers love slogans that offer a promise of reliability. Finally if you own a video or gaming store, you will want your website to stand out as the largest element on the vehicle and fleet graphic wraps if your hoping to catch trade from Generation Y & X. They skip the telephone numbers but will remember the company in question from something catchy and easy to remember. They will go to their ipads & laptops to find what they need. And since this group have 24/7 internet access if you cater to the X and Y Generations, you better ensure your website is clearly visible and stands out.

Chapter 8 & Emergency Vehicle Graphics & Chapter 8 Highways - Possibly your company works within a service area where Chapter 8, Chapter 8 highways or Emergency vehicle graphics may be needed. Chapter 8 and Emergency vehicle graphics are necessary in many fields of business these days, for instance, Chapter 8 and Emergency vehicle graphics would be required by the Health care services, recovery vehicles, Company fleets requiring slow moving vehicle signs, and patrol vehicles. Please note, you should always speak to a company that is well versed in all aspects and rules pertaining to Chapter 8 highways and Emergency vehicle graphics as you would need to conform to current legislation. Chapter 8, chapter 8 highways and Emergency vehicle graphics are a necessity to many company vehicle fleets.

Once you have determined your target market, you will want your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to start promoting your product and start a branding campaign.

Cat Smith is the author of this article on Vehicle Graphics. Find more information On Vehicle Wraps here