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Top Three Bands That Are Creating Good Indie Music Now

Indie rock has metamorphosed the concept of rock n roll. Though partly or largely indebted to their predecessors who had contributed to this particular genre of music through decades, these bands are so very different in content, form and overall approach and they are creating good indie music. They have redefined their musical philosophy, broken their own images and concepts time and again and became the true revolution agents in the world music scenario. Here below are three upcoming and already established indie rock bands that are creating good music consistently and independently.

Los Compesinos!
It is a seven member indie band nestled in Wales, UK which was formed in 2006 inside the leafy campus of Cardiff University. Their first album, ‘Hold on Now, Youngster...’ went a big hit all across after its release in 2008. Later that year, the good indie music creators came up with another smash hit, titled ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’. ‘Romance Is Boring’, released in 2010, was also a great success. The band is busy now touring on both sides of Atlantic quite a and their fan queue are getting longer with days passing. However, the band was at first stereotyped by critics as a ‘twee pop’ band and the members worked really hard to put on a darker and grungier guise. On today’s date, Los Compesinos! is unanimously rated among the top indie rock bands.

Menomena is an alternative rock band having only two members, Danny Seim and Justin Harris. The singing duo often interchanges their singing and instrument playing duties onstage and during recording. They also make use of diverse musical instruments to create the music that they want to have the world listen. The good indie music band creates trancelike ambience during live shows with the help of various instruments. Having started walking the music route back in 2000, the band soon claimed to fame for the unique sound that they create and for their impressive stage presence and lyrical quality. Menomena’s main creative head, as many fans believe, was Brent Knopf who parted ways with the other two in 2009. Rumours were there that Paul Alcott will replace Brent but that has not happened so far. Menomena is now one of the most sought-after indie rock bands in the underground.

Sleigh Bells
This is yet another two-member good indie music band from Brooklyn, NY which is relatively younger than the other two mentioned here. The one on the strings is Derek Edward Miller and the girl who sings is Alexis Krauss, one of the best noise pop singers of this time. The duo has released only two albums namely Treats and Reign of Terror, both of which were massive hit all across.

One thing is common among these upcoming or already established bands. These musicians do not only work on their musical abilities and skills. They also know how to promote the idea that they want to sell. Indie rock is a concept which has undergone a sea change over the past few decades. New indie rock bands know that they have to make a mark by offering something different. Because fans just hate anything that seems mainstream or clichéd.  


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