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Mystery Unfolds In ‘american Horror Story’

American Horror Story is an American series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. The show is based on the genre of horror, drama, thrills and many more. The executive producers of the show are Dante Di Loreto, Brat Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. The series was shot in Los Angeles, CA. It premiered on FX channel. Cinematography was done by Christopher Baffa, ASC. It was produced by 20th century fox television.

The main characters of the show include Dylan McDermott as Ben Harmon, Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon, Jessica Lange as Constance, Frances Conroy as Housekeeper and Christan Serratos as Becca.

The main plot of American Horror story revolves around The Harmon family. It’s a family of three people includes Ben, his wife Vivien and their daughter Violet. They move to Los Angeles from Boston. The reason for their migration is Vivien’s miscarriage and Ben’s affair out of their marriage. They move into a new house for giving a new start to their lives. They are unaware about the fact that their new house is haunted by some mysterious forces.

The series premiered on October 05, 2011 on FX channel in United States. The show has completed its first season and it was consisted of 12 episodes. Later in 2011, FX channel made an announcement that they were planning to renew its second season which will consist of 13 episodes. In late December of 2011, Murphy announced that they were planning to change the characters and the location of the set in second season.

The American Horror story got good reviews from the television fans and critics. The whole cast was praised for their remarkable acing especially Jessica Lange. The series was successful in drawing a high fan following in its first season that its producers decided to start the post production of the second and third season as well. It’s first ended as the biggest new cable series of the year.

The series got positive response from the critics. Metacritic gave a score of 62 out of 100 to this show. Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker gave the pilot episode a B positive score. Many other newspapers also listed good reviews about this program. It includes San Jose Mercury News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and many more.

The first episode of season one got a rating of 1.6 and a total of 5.2 million views in first two episodes. Out of which 3.2 million were adults of age group 18-49. The FX channel had received best ratings ever because of this show. FX channel was the most viewed in October month. This series was seen by 3.2 million people in 59 countries.

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