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How To Do Freak Dancing In A Club

A style of dance that is becoming more popular in clubs because of its suggestive and almost erotic nature is freak dancing.  It’s also called “dirty dancing” and it entails two (sometimes more), dancers rubbing their hips together in an expressive and suggestive manner.  Don’t you want to know how to dance in a club- freak style?
Caribbean style is the most popular form, though there are many different styles here.   Mainly used during carnival season, the Caribbean’s style of freak dancing is getting popular among all ages and sexes. It’s a wild dance and it’s mainly intended for arousing your partner, or man or woman of interest! The basic idea is rubbing your partner’s private area with your bum along with the beat of the music.

Freak dancing comes in 4 forms:

1. Wave: Where you and your partner grind along with the beats of the music.

2.  Side to Side:  The form you see on TV and music videos where you and your partner stand side by side and move your hips to the beat of the music.  

3.  Sandwich: This is often taking place with 2 or more dancers of one or the same gender dance with another dancer from every side.  They all dance to the beat of the music in synchronized fashion.  

4. Vibration Gyration- Usually this entails shaking your body rapidly to the beat.  
One would think that freak dancing is only thought of in hip-hop culture, and that is not so.  It can be done with any type of music provided there is a deep beat like trance or house music.  This type of dancing is usually done when couples are at ease, or trying to attract someone by showing them how sexy you can dance.  This is an intimate dance between two people with a mutual understanding that they are attracted to one another.  You should be able to express yourself if you are not comfortable with this type of dancing to your partner.

It is not for all cultures or social classes, because this type of dancing has negative connotations and is seen as very controversial.  Think clubs, bachelor parties or college dancing.  Freak dancing is a good selection to begin with if you want to know how to dance in a club. It is completely unique and up to the performer on how to do it the “right” way.  Freak dancing is not meant to be vulgar, but in some cultures it has become just that. In actuality, it is supposed to be a beautiful form of expression between two lovers.
Getting to know how to dance in a club is fun, and not hard work.  When you’re dancing on the dance floor in a club, you should look like you are enjoying yourself. Do not worry about looking like someone else, be true to your own style of dance!

Don’t you think Freak Dancing is cool? Come on board and know several tips on how to dance in a club?