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Difference Between Offset Printing And Digital Book Printing

A short run book printer is someone that can help you with printing limited number of books. Many of the large printing houses still use offset printing processes when they have to execute large printing projects. However, not everyone requires books to be printed in large numbers and you could be one of them. For book printing in smaller quantities digital printing is the technology to be used and many short run printers use this technology.

It is important to know the difference between offset printing technology and digital printing technology. This will help you plan the kind of book printing that you need to get done.

In offset printing an aluminium plate is used as the printing plate. These plates are then used to transfer the printing content onto rubber blankets. These rubber blankets are then rolled onto sheets of paper. This process of printing is called offset printing because there is no direct link between the ink and the sheets of paper. This form of printing is used when a large quantities of printing need to be done. This form of printing is highly professional and produces crisp printed material with perfect colour reproduction.

In digital printing there is no requirement of plates. The printing is done using large printers with liquid ink. This form of printing is beneficial when lower quantities require to be printed and there are a large number of variables in the printing job.

Digital printing is a much better option when book printing needs to be done in limited quantity. This form of printing uses advanced technology and the benefit you get is that the setup cost is much lower. If you need to print 20 copies of a book or 50 copies of a manuscript this is the form of printing that you should opt for. A short run book printer is a printer that uses digital printing technology to produce smaller number of printed materials.

To find a short run book printer all you need to do is search online. You will find a long list of such printers when you search online. You need to call up some of them and find out what they can offer you. Some of them make life easy for you by allowing you to place online orders for printing your book.

When you need to have book printing done deciding between offset printing and digital printing is a critical decision. On one hand you have expenses to think about and on the other hand you need to keep in mind that you don't want to get too many books printed and then having to store them somewhere. As an author you need a lot of patience so when you are new there is no harm in testing your skills. For this anyone would recommend that you get a limited number of books printed. Approach a short run book printer that specializes in digital printing and you can have them print any number of copies you want.

†A short run book printer helps you with digital book printing when you donít have enough printing requirement for offset printing.