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All About your legacy

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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Your Legacy
When all is said and done all we leave behind are our memories. Our stores of love & loss; success & failure are like water colors that fade with time. Some we wish would disappear and others we wish would live forever. Some of the greatest lessons learned in life come out of adversity so what you choose to remember and preserve from your life can be the stepping stones for others. If you decide to share your legacy, it can help your loved ones grow and be better people.
Posted by Alexandra Cooper at 8 years ago

Who Should Leave A Legacy?
How you live matters to someone. Your legacy is the combination of what you achieved, learned and accomplished with your time on earth. Each of us creates a footprint of our legacy through the memories of what we meant to our children, grandchild, family and friends but those memories will fade in time. When you create your legacy, you decide what to share and who your want to know your legacy.
Posted by Alexandra Cooper at 8 years ago

How To Leave Your Legacy
Life is journey and in the blink of an eye, all that you know and love can change. Time makes no promises to anyone and time is the one think you canít get back. There are moments that go by too fast, like summer breaks, Christmas, vacations and the growth of our children. Itís up to each of us to make the most of our time here on earth. If you donít take the time to preserve and share your legacy, all that you worked for & cared about could be lost. Donít let that happen to you.
Posted by Alexandra Cooper at 8 years ago

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