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Yahoo and Google Backlink Check

Backlinks is another way of saying “links into a page. When you check backlinks in Google ( it only shows a small sampling of your total backlinks. Many links that do not show up when you use the link: function in Google still count for your relevancy scoring. In addition there is a time delay between when links are made and when they will show up in search results.

To get a more accurate picture of links you will also want to check backlinks in Yahoo!. Yahoo! often shows many backlinks that the Google search will not show. The code to check Yahoo! backlinks is

The code to check Live Search backlinks is (note that live search or msn only can show backlinks of main domain)

You can check your website backlinks with backlink checker tools

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Yahoo! Backlink Check
When you check backlinks in Yahoo! it usually shows most of the known links into a site.