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Wrong Way To Increase Traffic

Things that you cant do if you want to increase your website traffic, because you will get banned by search engine, in the end, major search engine wont be friend with your website
  1. Never, ever SPAM. Your credibility will be gone before you know it, and with it will go your traffic.
  2. Don't get caught up with website generators and internet tricks. All these "black hat" tricks will only work temporarily.Your business needs to be set up for the long term.
  3. Do not be fooled by those traffic sellers promising thousands of hits an hour. What they really do is load up your URL in a program, along with a list of proxies. Then they run the program for a few hours. It looks like someone is on your site because your logs show visitors from thousands of different IPs. What happens in reality is your website is just pinged by the proxy, no one really sees your site. It is a waste of money.
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