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Whatís new in Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to a supposed second generation of internet-based services, such as social networking sites, wikis, lenses, and blogs, which let people collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. If Web 1.0 (the first 15 years of the web) was all about connecting people to information, then Web 2.0 is all about connecting people to people, made possible by the increased penetration of high-speed broadband and wireless networks.

These new platforms are allowing people to communicate peer to peer, whether they’re sharing audio or video or reconnecting with colleagues or friends, both old and new. Content is increasingly the job of the site user rather than the site creator, with the role of the latter less editor and more moderator. The top 50 most visited web properties now include sites such as,,,,,,,, and And this kind of networking is not just for personal reasons: sites such as and allow you to profile your business and communicate with those with the same professional interests.

If the currency of Web 1.0 was relevant, reliable, and rich information, we now need to add the Web 2.0 currency of timely, humorous, and even controversial banter, rumor, and innuendo, often called buzz.

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