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What Is Web Hosting?

The information that you see from your web browser is contained in web pages. These web pages are kept on computers called web servers. Web hosting is about the storage of the web pages so that people can access them. It is possible to host your own websites yourself but the reasons stopping most people doing this is that there are issues to consider with having the right hardware and software to successfully host your web pages. For an in-depth, easy-to-follow introduction and guide to web hosting.

Your web pages will take a certain amount of space, users will need to download each page to view them and your Internet connection needs to be fast to offer good performance to your viewers. Using specialized companies that offer web hosting capabilities on their web servers will take most of these worries away from you but you will need to choose wisely and weigh up the costs and your needs. A huge help is by reading reviews of different web hosting companies. An example is a review of iPage that mentions all their pros and cons. Be vigilant in reading all it's features and specifications. It is best if you only require a shared hosting platform, making it affordable. However as your business grows, you will need a dedicated server. Inmotion (read our feedback) offers a variety of hosting solutions that will fit your needs. In addition to having access to a web server, you will also need to register a domain name (for a cost) that uniquely identifies your website.

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