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What is Site Wide Links?

Site wide links are web links that are seen throughout every single page of a web site. They are usually found at the bottom of the web pages near the footer and site copyright line. The links should be related to the website's content but usually they are not. In some instances these unrelated sitewide links tend to look spammy.

Back in the early days of the web, sitewide links used to work great but now they seem to have lost their value. Sitewide links may send a few more visitors to your web site than one single link would, but you shouldn't a sitewide link to help you by increasing your web sites PageRank. The only advantage a sitewide link has is that since it is placed on a lot of web pages the chances that a person will click on your link is greater because they'll see your link on every page.

Ultimately the decision of whether or not you choose to add sitewide links to your website is up to you.

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