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What Is Link Ring?

You can generate free traffic to your offer by using something called a link ring. It is basically a series of blogs or websites that refer back to your sales page. What is unique about this (instead of backlinks from other people) is that you own and control all the links! Some people consider this to be covert, and in a way, it is.

If you have multiple sites referring back to your website or sales page, the search engines love it. They increase your popularity, and sometimes get you indexed and ranked higher much faster than just a single website that is search engine optimized, hoping that your keywords will get you the traffic. You need to be careful though. If you over-use this method, the search engines may push you aside and you won't move anywhere. If used with good sense, this will work.

To create a link ring requires some work on your part. But once it is created, it is very easy to update once every several days to keep it generating all that free traffic back to your primary offer or salespage!

  • You need your product to promote, and a sales page. This can be on your own website, or an affiliate link. It will work equally well with either.
  • Sign up and get several free blogs. There are a multitude of sites offering free blogs to you so that won't be a problem. Create a different blog post for each of your blog sites. They should all be relating to whatever product or service you are promoting on your main sales page or affiliate offer. They need to be 'different' from each other so that the search engines do not see them as the same post repeated several times.

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