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Website Link Building

Link building involves the careful selection of relevant websites of your own. This helps both parties gain credibility, popularity and better search engine positioning according to the ranking criteria of various search engines. Link building is crucial to your site’s rankings on the major search engines, and it’s one more aspect of the SEO process that we will take care of on your behalf.

Link Building, is simply exchanging links with other companies in similar industries (not your direct competition). Link building is very important because each incoming link to your website acts like a referral and Search Engines love referrals! We have to ensure that we link with the right type of websites, i.e. Good quality with a good Google PR.

Although search engines have different criteria or algorithms in how they rank websites, popularity and relevancy are crucial. Some of the larger search engines, such as Google, will award your site a higher page ranking (PR) if you link to established and popular sites. Think of it as a vote of confidence in your site.

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