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Website Directories

Web directories are different with respect to search engines. A search engine uses its algorithm to index and rank a website through its regular crawling process whereas a web directory is defined into several categories and subcategories where it contains the websites submitted. In this way a web directory is considered an expert index of sites. Here you select a category and subcategory for your site and submit your site to it. Visitors come to brows a specific category in a directory as per their interest. This ensures that your presence in a specific category will attract a targeted visitor. Most of the search engines use these directories to update their data. This also increases your chance of getting high rank with search engines.

These directories can be classified into free directories and paid directories. Normally, free directories take comparatively more time to list the submitted sites. Whereas the paid directories list the submitted sites instantly. Some good free directories are DMOZ, Yahoo!,

No doubt, submitting your site to major search engines and good rank directories help increasing the traffic and good placement in Search Engine Result Pages. Submission to good directories is something which ensures this goal.

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