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Website Competitive Analysis

To gain competitive advantage in the current trend in business, you ought to have a complete competitor analysis done. IT helps in identifying opportunities and capitalizing on them.

Competitor Analysis is a central part of search engine optimization in determining the most appropriate your site should be aiming. In order to understand your positioning within your marketplace on the Web, you need to know how your top competitors are doing - and what they're doing - when it comes to SEO strategies.

You try to identify the answers to the following questions

  • Where is your competition on the Internet?
  • Which competitors are most popular on the Internet?
  • Which competitors are less popular on the Internet?
  • How is the link popularity from your website against your competition?

And you get a clear picture of your position and steps to be taken to sustain in the competitive market. Giving keywords to major search engine like Google, yahoo and MSN can carry out competitor Analysis.

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