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Tips To Create High Quality Content

If you're going to produce content be sure that :

  1. There is a purpose to your content. Who's your audience? How can your content provide value to them? Don't just repeat what everyone else is saying; think about how you can offer a unique perspective and a takeaway. Is there a niche subject that you can write about?
  2. It's something that you can produce on a consistent basis. Ideally one per day. Don't try it for one month and then stop because you're not seeing enough results. Do it for at least six months.
  3. If you're going to all the trouble to produce great content then make sure you promote it. In today's world that means engaging with your LinkedIn network and relevant LinkedIn Groups. Tweeting about your new article post and using the appropriate hash tags or citations. Saying something on your Facebook page about it.
  4. Tracking the results. Watch how your content effects Facebook users, traffic from Social Media, increasing Facebook users, Retweets, organic search traffic, comments, lead conversions.
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