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Tips Creating Website Content

Here are some guidelines to follow when creating your web-site content:

  1. Make sure any content that you include on your site is contextually relevant. People and search engine crawlers will be looking at the relevance of content to your site and to any advertisements that led them to the site. Make sure everything you include is relevant in some way. It also helps if the content addresses a need the customer might have.
  2. Use original content whenever possible. Original content is much more valuable than articles that have been distributed to you and all of your competitors. Why should visitors come to your site if they can find the same information somewhere else?
  3. Use mostly short sentences, with 10 words or less. If you must use a medium-length sentence, try to incorporate it with shorter sentences around it. Users donít have a lot of patience for long, rambling sentences in print publications and even less patience for them on the Web. (But there is value to varying a succession of short sentences with one a little longer ó it keeps your writing from sounding like a kindergarten primer.)
  4. Use short paragraphs with lots of white space in between. In the print world, white space is your enemy. Too much white space means wasted space. But on the Internet, where real estate isnít quite as expensive, white space is essential to the flow of the content. Reading on the screen is much more difficult for most people, so the extra white space helps them to keep up with their place in the content. A good rule of thumb is to keep your paragraphs to no more than four or five short sentences.
  5. Break up your content with interesting titles, headings, and subheadings. Again, this is one of those elements of web-site content that make it more at-a-glance in nature. The variety helps your readers quickly skim through to find the exact information they need. Titles, headings, and subheadings are much more important on the Web than they ever were in print.
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