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Some tips to speed up your website

Your website is too slow ? Try these tips to improve your website speed:
  1. Remove everything unnecessary
    This tip may sound dumb, but please look at your website once again: do you really need this background sound (most people find them annoying anyways). Is that huge GIF animation with jumping bunny really that cool ? And do you really need this crappy JavaScript code for the flying clock ? Remember, all this stuff needs time and bandwidth to be loaded with every page view and don't forget the most important thing: People are visiting your website to get information - just give them what they want !
  2. Avoid nested tables
    Don't place tables inside another tables - the browsers need much longer to parse this.
  3. Use CSS where possible
  4. Optimize your images !
  5. Clean up your code
    Many WYSIWYG HTML editors leave a lot of unnecessary code like empty tags (like <font> </font>) and comments in your source code. remove them with a simple text editor for a faster website loading.
  6. Remove whitespaces
    Every unnecessary space between your tags and new line characters are increasing your page size. You can remove them easily with our free HTML Optimizer
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