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Sitemap HTML

A traditional sitemap is simply an HTML web page that contains links to the various pages of your web site. Typically the traditional sitemap breaks down the referenced pages into groupings for easy reading. This kind of sitemap is generally designed to assist humans in navigating, but search engine marketers realized early on that it had a beneficial side effect of helping spiders to crawl a site.

Historically, search engines did not crawl very deeply into a web site, and it helped to link pages located deeper in the site hierarchy (that is, one must traverse many pages to arrive there) from a sitemap page. Today, that particular problem is mostly squashed (search engines now do a much better job at crawling more deeply), but a sitemap may still assist in getting such pages spidered faster. It may also improve their rankings somewhat by providing an additional internal link.Traditional sitemaps, as well as search engine sitemaps are especially useful to cite pages that are not linked anywhere else in a web site’s navigation. Indeed, the Google sitemap help page says that “sitemaps are particularly beneficial when users can’t reach all areas of a website through a browseable interface.”

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What Is Sitemap?
Sitemap is containing an ordered list of all the pages on your site

Rules of creating sitemap defines the standard protocol. There are four compulsory elements

Submit Sitemap With Robots.txt
Another way to actively notifying the search engines is thru robots.txt