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SEO Mistake : Bad web design

People hiring a web design firm it before fully understanding what search engine optimization is. The way most strictly online businesses begin is by someone deciding that they want to create a website online. Then they have one built. Then they learn about how to promote it and how search engines are used.

The problem there is, if their site is not search engine optimization friendly (meaning clean urls, not in frames, not 100% Flash and other search engine indexing problems), it will hurt their ability to rank well. Many people don't find this out until after they have their site built. This can cost a new website owner a lot of money. Educated yourself. Do not rely on the web designer to tell you about search engine optimization and what you need to know to have a search engine optimization friendly site.

Many web designers are just designers. They have no interest in what is search engine optimization friendly or not. Do all your research before you have a site built and find a web design that can provide what you need for your site and the search engines.

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