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Redesign Website URL

Website redesigning generally involves a complete change of the backend platform and the content management system. This means all the pages of the website would have new URLs and new locations. For example, if you change from an .php platform to a .asp platform, all your URLs will end with Asp instead of .php. In addition, when you incorporate a new navigation system in your website, it changes the URLs as well.

The search engines will treat these revamped URLs as completely new and index them all over again. The previously indexed old URLs will no longer be valid. When the old URLs are rendered completely invalid, it can result into loss of search engine traffic. However, there are certain things you can do to manage the situation and minimize the damage. If there is a change in only the URL extensions like Asp, .php etc. you can use the same basic file name of your old system within the new system and set up a permanent 301 redirect on your server to direct corresponding pages. If the new URL is completely different from the old one, you need to redirect each URL manually to its new counterpart. If there are plenty of URLs, the process is better automated.

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