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Professional SEO

We believe that before ordering search engine optimization you need to try doing some part of the job you can do without turning to professional help. Professional SEO should be accomplished by marketing managers. Internet became one of the media-spheres and marketing managers must know about services and products promotion both in the off-line market and in Internet. Here are list of Professional SEO external factor:
  1. Outgoing and incoming links
    The more links to your site exist in Internet, the better. Create description of your site and register your web site in catalogs. But you should take relevance into account: it is desirable (especially for Google) that links to your web site should be put at the sites with similar subject-matter. This influences PR (PageRank) of the site: the higher PR is, the higher your web site is in the list search results. Do not forget to register your web site in Yahoo, MSN, Google (DMOZ) catalogs.
  2. Site use statistics
    Analyze site statistics. We recommend using free system Google Web Analytics.
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