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Multiple IP Hosting

Multiple IP hosting is the literal skill in visual form of hosting all your marketing ventures attempts across multiple class C IP ranges using multiple name servers. These hosts are providers of all types of SEO hosting and server based solutions for businesses and individuals all around the world. To make and be the presenter of multiple web sites, you must be first aware that each site should have a unique identity. To achieve all this, you will need to either get multiple addresses or assign different types of names to a single IP address. Host webmasters should provide their name only for their web sites so that people could find your web site easily and get the content from the site they want. Most of the affordable/shared web hosting providers do not provide multiple IP hosting. In fact, you'll need to find a host specialized in that offer type.

Maintaining multiple IP addresses is basically a task that is usually reserved for large corporations and internet service providers (ISP's) while providing several domain names is a moderately easy procedure accomplished by the host. Many computers or networks use DNS in order to satisfy the needs of there customers.

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