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Link Partners

Do a search on related keywords for your site on the search engines. Email the websites with good pagerank (preferably 4 or higher) and that are related to your site and ask to exchange links with them. There are a few thing you should do when emailing potential link partners.

  1. Add their link to your site first and let them know where they can find their link, you will get a much better response when you do this
  2. Be professional but never sound like a bot
  3. Look over their site closely and let them know that you actually visited their site. Let them know what you liked about it and where the best place would be for them to place your link.
  4. Give them a reason to link to you, for example if you have good pagerank, your content can compliment theirs, their link is easily accessible to your traffic, Basically let them know that linking to your site will benefit theirs in some way.
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