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URLs are much more difficult to revise than titles and descriptions once a site is launched and indexed. Thus, when designing a new site, special care should be devoted to them. Changing URLs later requires you to redirect all of the old URLs to the new ones, which can be extremely tedious, and has the potential to influence rankings for the worse if done improperly and link equity is lost. Even the most trivial changes to URL structure should be accompanied by some redirects, and such changes should only be made when it is absolutely necessary.

This is relatively simple process. In short, you use the URL factory that you just created to create the new URLs based on the parameters in the old dynamic URLs. Then you employ what is called a 301-redirect to the new URLs.

So, if you are retrofitting a web application that is powering a web site that is already indexed by search engines, you must redirect the old dynamic URLs to the new rewritten ones. This is especially important, because without doing this every page would have a duplicate and result in a large quantity of duplicate content. You can safely ignore this discussion, however, if you are designing a new web site.

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