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Link Building Strategies

Link building can greatly help increase your website ranking within the search engines and cover any bad press about your website online. Here are some ideas that you can use to build links in the search engines:

  1. Submit links to all search engines
  2. Use hyper links to your articles in your various websites.
  3. Link all articles as an RSS feed on your website.
  4. Encourage others to visit your site and spread links around.
  5. Use a link exchange site.
  6. Encourage comments about articles as these will also help build links. Even if you have to comment on your own article, this will help with link building.
  7. If you have multiple sites, link your sites to each other.
  8. Use social bookmarking pages.
  9. Use social media. Social media sites such as FaceBook and MySpace are not just for the kids. You can create as many pages as you want that are SEO friendly and watch links build.
  10. Add content to all sites periodically to keep building links.
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