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Link Anchor Text

Anchor text optimization can be deployed throughout your site to enhance the relevance of most of the web pages based on individual page content. You would be surprised, how easy it is, to find suitable instances of hyperlinking structures to make use of optimized anchor text. When linking to internal pages, it is better to hyperlink relevant keywords instead of linking unrelated common words.

A common lapse is the hyperlinking of the common words like 'here' instead of content related keywordsFor example in the sentence:

'Read all about Anchor Text here', the tendency is to link 'here' to the anchor text content URL whereas the best way is to link ' Anchor Text '.

This is important because you can leverage the hyperlinking of important keyword phrases instead of hyperlinking unrelated text wherever possible. For delivering relevant results, robots are hungry for anchor text so it is always a great idea to hyperlink important keywords to help search engines deliver relevance. Always restructure sentences if keywords don’t fit in anchor text.

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