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IP Address Effect SEO

It is quite well-known that the best way to secure high page rank for a website on Google search pages is to have as many links (rather back links) as possible directing the searchers to that website.

Google does not approve the links from websites that are hosted on IP addresses in the same IP C class as yours. Multiple C IP class web hosting is a powerful tool to circumvent Google’s stringent web hosting conditions and getting back links from the same IP C Class address.

Getting Multiple C Class IP hosting is quite easy. You should go to the website of a Multiple C Class IP Hosting provider and sign up for 5-10 Multiple C Class IP package. Search the internet for comparative shopping to get the best deal. Register 5-10 different domain names related to the main niche keyword/phrase of your website.

The large number of back links coming from so many websites is sure to boost your search engine ranking for your niche keywords or phrases. Getting back links from different websites is all that the modern SEO is about. You can maintain your high page rank for a long time by creating more and more blogs or articles on your websites.

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