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How To Make a Title Page

Title page should be different for every page in your site. They should clearly and accurately describe your page, and you should try to use keywords in the . Search engines display the title of your page on search engine result pages. The catchier and more accurate your title the better the chance you'll hit target traffic.

Everything you were supposed to learn in grade school, use it now. Not only should your site have relevant - the more the better - people should be able to read your . Choppy or runon sentences that seem to go nowhere cannot provide the type of readership concise, correct sentences can.

Misspellings, wrong word usage, bad grammar are all distractions. You do not want to distract your readers, you want to captivate them. Slang and derogatory language also distracts. If your site is a business site avoid slang and offensive language all together - unless that's your selling point. Jargon is different, just don't confuse readers more than necessary.

If you aren't in command of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. or if you'd rather focus your efforts elsewhere, that's fine. It's a good idea to beg, plead, hire, or force someone else to take care of this part then as ignoring the problem won't make it go away though it may have that effect on site traffic.

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