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Google Panda Improving Rankings

Here are some options for improving rankings if you've been attacked by the Panda (is it sad that I'm looking forward to seeing some of the keyword traffic stats for this post?!):

  1. Remove content
    If your website has a high volume of pages, then it's likely that a number of these aren't generating traffic and are perhaps listed in Google's supplemental index. This is now a great time to review those pages which may not be having any SEO benefit for you and looking to trim down on the volume of indexed content that you have in the search engines. Obviously this is something you need to consider carefully, but by removing 20-25% of your website's lowest performing indexed content you could find that your website is now valued more highly as a result of the overall quality improving.
  2. Make sure your content is unique
    Before the Panda update, automated content was a very effective method of ranking for a wide range of terms in Google in all honesty this probably worked too well and shows that the Panda update is intended to improve the quality of results. But if you were one of those sites that benefited from this in the past, and has recently lost out, then it's probably time to look at methods of making your content more unique in the eyes of Google. Often it may just be a small change or tweak which triggers Google's algorithm, and if you can figure out the reason for this then you're likely to quickly see an increase in rankings return again very quickly.
  3. Stop low-quality link building
    The websites which have suffered the most from the knock-on effect of devalued links are those who rely on low-quality links too heavily. High volume, low quality link building has always been a big sign to Google that this is an unnatural pattern of inbound link, but following the update it's now going have even less of an impact to search rankings.
  4. Create a natural link building strategy
    You've heard everyone saying for years that "content is king", blah, blah, blah. Well if you've been affected perhaps it's something you should have listened to more intently! The biggest winners from the Panda update are those which are providing quality, engaging content, The Independent, Mashable and Techcrunch amongst the list of those who benefited the most. So try and look at putting those high volume link building or content budgets into something more valuable. If you focus on quality of content and adding value, instead of quantity, then you're likely to see a much greater return from your efforts and activity.
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