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Google Page Rank

As the biggest search engine around, Google plays an important part in search engine optimization. One of the most important features of Google is its page ranking score. In addition to your general keyword content, you need to make sure you are rated high in the Google page rank score in order to get your site recognized.

The rank goes from 0 up to 10, and evaluates how well your page relates to other pages in terms of relevance. If you have some well ranked pages linked to your site, then your page rank will definitely improve. However, getting a good page rank from Google is difficult, as it will be assigned a value as soon as it is spider.

If your site is not in good shape then, you could find yourself further down the order than you want to start with, and it can be hard to get out away from this low rank without serious work. However, if you persevere with your search engine optimization techniques then your Google page rank will improve, along with your online business success.

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