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Good Web Hosting

Your site is going to be stored on a hosting companyís server. (You didnít want thousands of people dialing into your computer every hour, did you?) Again, there are lots of different options available depending on how much you want to pay and what you need.

In general, youíll want to make sure that you have about 50 megabytes of space (thatís enough for 100 pages!), full statistics reporting and most importantly, 24 hour service. If your site goes down, youíll be losing money every hour itís offline. If thereís a problem with the server, you want to make sure itís fixed right away.

You get what you pay for with Web hosting from ďfreeĒ services that will cost you more than you save to $200 a month for dedicated servers.$5 a month is a reasonable price to pay click here to buy cheep hosting offer good programs.
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