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Giving search engines something to read

You don’t necessarily have to pick through the HTML code for your Web page to evaluate how search-engine-friendly it is. You can find out a lot just by looking at the Web page in the browser. Determine whether you have any text on the page. Page content — text that the search engines can read — is essential, but many Web sites don’t have any page content on the front page and often have little or any on interior pages. Here are some potential problems:

  • Having a (usually pointless) Flash intro on your site
  • Embedding much of the text on your site into images, rather than relying on readable text
  • Banking on flashy visuals to hide the fact that your site is light on content.
  • Using the wrong keywords, please read how to pick keywords If you have these types of problems, they can often be time consuming to fix. (Sorry, you may run over the one-hour timetable by several weeks.)
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