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Effect Of Duplicate Content

When youíre putting together a web site, the content for that site often presents one of the greatest challenges, especially if itís a site that includes hundreds of pages. Many people opt to purchase bits of content, or even scrape content from other web sites to help populate their own. These shortcuts can cause real issues with search engines.

Say your web site is about some form of marketing. Itís very easy to surf around the Web and find hundreds (or even thousands) of web sites from which you can pull free, permission-granted content to include on your web site. The problem is that every other person or company creating a web site could be doing the same thing. And the result? A single article on a topic appears on hundreds of web sites ó and users arenít finding anything new if they search for the topic and every site has the same article.

To help combat this type of content generation, some search engines now include as part of their search algorithm a method to measure how fresh site content is. If the crawler examines your site and finds that much of your content is also on hundreds of other web sites, you run the risk of either ranking low or being delisted from the search engineís indexing database.

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