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Donít Keep Restructuring Design

Try to make sure your site design is good before you get too far into the process. Sites that are constantly being restructured have numerous problems, including the following:

  • Links from other Web sites into yours get broken, which is bad for potential visitors as well as for search engines (or, more precisely, bad for your position in the search engines because they won’t be able to reach your site through the broken links).
  • Anyone who has bookmarked your page now has a broken bookmark.

Itís a good idea to create a custom 404 error page, which is displayed in your browser if the server is unable to find a page youíve requested. (Ask your Web server administrator how to do this; the process varies among servers.) Create an error page with links to other areas of the site, perhaps even a sitemap, so that if visitors and searchbots canít find the right page, at least theyíll be able to reach some page on your sit

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Donít Keep Restructuring Web Design
Sites that are constantly being restructured have numerous problems.