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Dedicated IP for SEO

If you have one website, a dedicated IP will not rank you higher in the search engines. BUT, if you have a multiple websites, it is to your advantage to put each of these on a different IP because the search engine is less likely to connect your websites together. Below example will help you understand this well:

Suppose you have 5 websites and want to make a 6th. Your 5 websites are ranked but are all on the same IP address. You place a link on each of your 5 websites to your 6th in order to pass on rank value to the 6th. The search engine will see that your new site has links from 5 websites. When it goes to check the IP’s for the sites linking to the 6th, it will find that they are all hosted on the same server because the IP addresses are the same. The search engine will assign less rank value to the 6th site because it knows that the 5 sites linking to it are all related / owned by the same person. If you put each site on a different IP, it will think that the sites are totally unrelated therefore assigning more link value to those links.

According to a Google Engineer, when a Search Engine Spider first visits your website, it analyzes your website with basic HTML 1.0. If the Spider is successful in analyzing your website then it will go about and your website will get indexed. If your website will be hosted with a Dedicated IP address then it will get indexed directly as the spider will be able to resolve the website directly. Due to this the website will not be accessed with Basic HTML 1.0. Hence, if the website will be resolved soon, it will get indexed soon

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